Zuniga Squared

"It's not the load that brings you down, it's the way you carry it"- Lena Horne


I’m on my way to go face something really scared and something I have put off for a long time. My thoughts are telling me to stay positive but my gut tells me another.

Is it all worth it though? Does being scared help us be more human. Face obstacles we didn’t think possible? I’d like to think so.

Clearing a path

Everyone deserves to take a moment and just enjoy themselves without having to worry about anything.

Add life to your days, not days to your life.

Everyone has someone in their life that keeps them looking forward to another day

I found out what the secret to life is: friends.

My friend posted this…and I have to say this is something worth really investing into. It’s okay to turn in a paper late, it’s okay to miss a class, it’s okay to do what you need to do for a healthy mentality. I have a paper due Thursday, and I have NO FREAKING CLUE as to what it is about. I also have a midterm tonight…but this all means nothing. I mean sure…the teachers give you grades, your grades reflect your GPA, and then grad school. All this means is I need to prioritize my life.

So go out and do what you need to do….because I sure as hell am!

Think Sunshine and Rainbows.

Does Yoga really help?

As told by my therapist Yoga would help me with breathing and really connecting body and mind. Something I really need in these frazzled times. But does it really work?

I suppose you take in what you want…but after my first class I can’t help but think if this really works. The soothing music (modern though!) the young yoga instructors voice talking in a low, almost rhythmic tone. If anything yoga reminds me of how inflexible I really am and seems like more of a work out then a relaxing environment. And as most people know, a work out for me is basically torture.

I am only but optimistic about the continued results of what Yoga can bring to me….but I am not sure my goals of coming to Yoga are the same as what I am getting. All in due time I suppose.

Think Sunshine and Rainbows.

The one and only BS! For those who don’t know me that is Baby Sara! She’s not so baby anymore but it’s times like these I remember the simple things in life.

The one and only BS! For those who don’t know me that is Baby Sara! She’s not so baby anymore but it’s times like these I remember the simple things in life.

Tired and more tired do not mix

As the title states, everything and anything makes me tired nowadays. Some say it’s not even an excuse anymore and just who I am. I would really like to believe that it is just a phase and just a tiring time in my college life. It is my senior year after all….

I’ve decided to make my thoughts public in hopes to get all the anger, tiredness, and confusion out of my head!! I am definitely the kind of person who thinks…and thinks about thinking…and thinks about how thinking if effecting her thinking. Get my point? I’m also applying to grad school in the next coming months….WHAT AM I THINKING!? Actually. Don’t answer that.

My hope is to see this blog as a way to get myself back in sync, and to provide humor to those who see fit. As for now, I am off with my sister-in-law, Alix, to the lake and then Yoga for the first time. Hopefully…this can become a routine and put me back on track! And as I have always signed off in the past, Think Sunshine and Rainbows folks!